About us

We are a Climate Controled
Automotive Storage Facility in Fort Wayne

Located at the corner of Huguenard & Ludwig Roads, in the Huguenard Industrial Park.

Get in while the prices are hot, now accepting applications.


Todays car aficionados want a climate controlled indoor place that is discreet, safe, and secure and accessible at any time.

Each unit can be customized to your taste - from colors to floors, from car lifts to pictures

A list of preferred vendors will become available very soon.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is plumbing available? Yes
  • Is there Wi-Fi available? Yes
  • Is there financing available? Yes!
  • Can I live in the unit? No.
  • Can I run my business out of a unit? No
  • Is there outside storage? No
  • Can I rent my unit out? Yes
  • Will there be activities? Yes, you can have a private party or a community party with catering and bar set up at the pavilion.

Tradition &

Two Like minded "Car Guys" have come together to build a place for other enthusiasts to store and show off their treasures.

Decorator items such as custom paint colors, mirrors, paintings, wall hangings, and furnishings, etc. are not included in sale price.

Be a part of this exciting opportunity to store your vehicles in a safe and secure environment.